Radio Frequency (RF) Blocking Window Films

NEW Product Available from AAA Solar Glass Window Tinting – RF Blocking Film – Blocks incoming and outgoing radio signals, microwave, Wi-Fi, cell service, etc. Our RF Blocking film is available in clear or silver.

As your life becomes increasingly more digitally connected, so too does your exposure to the security concerns related to the wireless transmission of your personal and business data. With the proliferation of wireless technology at home and in the workplace, securing your data from prying eyes and eavesdropping competitors has become a necessity.

One way to bolster your existing online security protocols is to include radio frequency blocking technologies for your home and office windows. RF Blocking Films from AAA Solar Glass provide this added level of security at an affordable price point. Digital intruders can’t steal what they can’t “see”.

Especially in today’s world of remote office workers and virtual communications technology, it is essential that your critical business and personal data communications are shielded from unwanted interference and interception. RF Blocking window films provide an additional layer of protection against outside radio frequency interference and IR eavesdropping networks from penetrating your offices and living spaces.

RF blocking window films also offer added protection against improper electronic surveillance activities directed toward you or your employees at home or in the office. Don’t make it easy for anyone to listen in on your private communications. RF shielding impedes eavesdropping and electronic leakage of your private electronic communications and business data.

Here are some additional benefits of RF blocking window films:

  • Best light transmission 80%
  • RF shielding performance 99.99%
  • Low reflectivity maintains the original appearance of your glass
  • Not noticeable from the inside or outside
  • Provides security from breaking glass
  • Excellent solar heat control blocking. 55% of total solar energy.
  • Lowers summertime cooling expenses
  • Blocks +99 % of Ultraviolet “UV” rays
  • Blocks +95 % of Infrared “IR” rays
  • Provides a partial deterrent to premature skin aging and some potential skin cancers
  • Provides privacy, RF Eavesdropping protection and IR Eavesdropping protection, and security for wireless networks
  • Suitable for Government Agencies
  • Application: Self adhesive, activated by water
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Trusted by EMF Professionals around the world
Shield Against Electronic Surveillance